Tech news practice

Photo by Roman Kraft on Unsplash

As a wise man once said:

Technology news moves pretty fast sometimes.

One of the things that I love about what we cover in this class is that it’s ever-changing. Staying up to date with industry news 1 lets you see how what we’re learning is affecting the world right now, and that’s a big deal.

To that end, each of you will establish a Technology News Practice this semester. It’ll be worth 5 points, and final submission will be on Monday, December 2. Here’s what it’ll look like.

A curated list of industry news sources that you regularly read

For me, this is Twitter, supplemented with Apple News + a few newsletters. Choose what you’d like, but work toward a diverse list of reputable sources.

A way to save things for later

A way to save things for later: The moment you find something interesting and when you have time to read that thing frequently aren’t the same time. Tools like Pocket solve that problem, and Pocket’s tags, in particular, are a great way to turn your reading into a searchable library, too.

A Tumblr

We’ll share and follow each other’s work through Tumblr. It’s free and easy to use, and I think it has a great long-term future now that it’s owned by Automattic.

Create a Tumblr during class, and submit your URL 👉 here.

What will you post to your Tumblr?

  • You’ll be required to post at least five items a week for twelve weeks, each with 1-2 sentences of lightweight commentary.
  • The items can be anything you’d like—a formal news article, sure, but also a great Twitter thread, a YouTube video, an AMA, whatever.
  • Be sure to take advantage of Tumblr’s ability to embed media as part of your posts!
  • Be sure to install the mobile app (and use share sheets), and maybe a browser extension, too.
  • Follow your classmates’ blogs!
  • To earn full credit, posts must be spread out at least weekly, but ideally close to daily.

Break-outs and Hot Takes

Each week in your break-out section, you’ll take a few minutes to discuss items you’ve read. This should be fun!

Also, in large classes on Monday and Wednesday, I’ll ask a random student for a #hot-take on a tech news story. We’ll see how this goes!

Fame and fortune extra credit

Besides a small opportunity to be announced in break-out sections on Friday, this’ll be the only opportunity to earn extra credit for this class!

As we get into the Topics + Case Studies portion of this class, you’ll have the opportunity to submit quiz questions that related to each Topic and Case Study. Your quiz questions can cover either new updates to the topic or corrections / expansions of existing materials.

We’ll study this guide to writing good quiz questions. Submit your questions using this Google Form.

Nitpicky details:

  • Questions are due by 1:25pm on the Friday before the week the topics are covered in class.
  • You can submit a maximum of three quiz questions per week.
  • You can earn up to 3 points of extra credit over the entire semester.

Good follows

These are a few sources that you might want to check out if you’re stuck as to where to look for good tech news sources. Send me suggestions on Slack, and I’ll update the list periodically.

  1. And news you care about, too—this should be your practice for all topics important to you, not just tech